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Newgrounds is different

2012-02-09 14:50:28 by MisterJayElectro

I'm trying to learn where everything is. This is like cleaning a room that wasn't messy in the first place. Bear with me, people who watch my work. All two of you ;)

New laptop

2011-06-17 16:35:59 by MisterJayElectro

For college, I've gotten a new laptop. I love this thing, but there's one problem... The speakers are worse quality than the ten year old ones on the desktop. So I'll probably be producing a little slower, seeing as to finalize, I'll have to check the mp3 on the desktop, then redo any problems back on the laptop.

On top of that, I just had some kind of static overload while listening to my WIP song, which has never ever happened before.

Upon reopening FL Studio, it seems like that was just a random occurrence. Even so, that may happen again, further slowing me down. Either way, I won't be producing quite as quickly. Take that as a blessing or a curse :P

EDIT: My speakers couldn't handle the song, and they cut out.


2011-01-22 23:36:09 by MisterJayElectro

So I've finally upgraded to FL9, and I'll probably be producing a lot of second-rate songs as a result of me testing it out. Be warned...