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2011-01-22 23:36:09 by MisterJayElectro

So I've finally upgraded to FL9, and I'll probably be producing a lot of second-rate songs as a result of me testing it out. Be warned...


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2011-05-01 23:19:15

FL 10 is out, just in case you didn't know :p lol

MisterJayElectro responds:

Yeah, I tried the demo, but I honestly don't like their new style. I'll stick with 9 til 11 comes out :P


2011-05-26 06:52:40

Yeah, I saw the demo too, there are so many new things that i never used in 9 or will use in 10.
I mean it is cool, but i never get to the point in FL9, where im just like, "Dammit, ive used every single thing in here, and dammit, its not enough. I need a newer version so i could have more programs and shortcuts, to make this easier for me."

MisterJayElectro responds:

I know exactly what you mean. FL 10 just looks like a sleeker, shinier version to me anyway. It took me months to feel like getting 9 anyway :P