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Entry #3

Newgrounds is different

2012-02-09 14:50:28 by MisterJayElectro

I'm trying to learn where everything is. This is like cleaning a room that wasn't messy in the first place. Bear with me, people who watch my work. All two of you ;)


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2012-02-09 15:05:16

I hate the new newgrounds.
I might as well leave.
Do you like it?

MisterJayElectro responds:

I do hate it, sure. Well, no. I don't like it very much, but every website feels the need to change at some point. We're forced to accommodate those changes, because, in the end, they gain more people than they lose, and a lot of people don't want to leave.

Besides, I'm usually only on here twice a week at best, so it doesn't really bother me, but it sure is confusing.


2012-06-19 20:14:11

Im not a big fan of the new newgrounds either, cant ever find the favorite button :P and I think you mean 3 people now