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New laptop

2011-06-17 16:35:59 by MisterJayElectro

For college, I've gotten a new laptop. I love this thing, but there's one problem... The speakers are worse quality than the ten year old ones on the desktop. So I'll probably be producing a little slower, seeing as to finalize, I'll have to check the mp3 on the desktop, then redo any problems back on the laptop.

On top of that, I just had some kind of static overload while listening to my WIP song, which has never ever happened before.

Upon reopening FL Studio, it seems like that was just a random occurrence. Even so, that may happen again, further slowing me down. Either way, I won't be producing quite as quickly. Take that as a blessing or a curse :P

EDIT: My speakers couldn't handle the song, and they cut out.


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2011-06-18 09:34:03

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2011-06-26 17:53:12

Try some headphones perhaps? I've found them quite nice for editing films, seeing as how I can listen as loud as I wish, and with a great deal of quality. And if you're working with crappy speakers, this seems like an even more vital thing to do.

(Updated ) MisterJayElectro responds:

I am too stupid to deserve a music program. Wow. Thanks for the tip, it works fine now.

SUPER LATE EDIT: It worked fine until I started stacking plugins.....


2011-09-07 11:03:55

It's more then likely your soundcard/processor overloading. In FL Studio make sure you're using the "Creative ASIO" as your sound device. It'll help prevent sound from crapping out on you (overloading), but it'll still happen when you have loads upon loads of Plugins loaded in and all playing at once. The only real way to fix all that is to buy a good processor and sound card. I've got a 6 core 2.8 Ghz and I don't get the slightest jtter anymore in FL Studio. And of course my Creative X-fi Music sound card, which I'm still going to replace sometime. hahaha, anywho. Hope this long rant helps.

MisterJayElectro responds:

I'll test it later, but thanks for that! I guess I'm going to have to buy a sound card.